2021 KTM DUKE 390 Price, Specs, Ride & Handling

KTM Duke 390 Overview

The KTM 390 Duke was launched in 2013 and is powered by a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 373cc. The family tree of the Duke family dates back to 1994, when the first full-fledged KTM motorbike, the original Duke, came into the motorcycle world. The 390 Duke is extremely light, and weighs only 149 kg dry, making it one of the lightest entry-level motorcycles. It is lighter and more powerful than the 250.

KTM Duke 390 Engine

Thanks to the typical compact KTM design, the new 390 Duke has a sophisticated single-cylinder engine weighing just 38 kilograms. Although smaller, the 390 Duke feels like a bigger motorcycle with more power and is a testament to the ability of KTM and its condescending team to put such a powerful small engine into such a light chassis (149 kg dry, 167 kg wet).

That’s a lot of power from its 373cc engine to give it a comfortable road at high speeds. In terms of performance, the BS6 Duke 390 retains the same power and torque values as the BS4 motorcycle. KTM Duke 390 produces 44 bhp at 9,500 RPM, while the torque is 35 Nm at 7,250 RPM.

  • TRANSMISSION – 6-speed
  • COOLING – Liquid-cooled
  • POWER IN kW – 32 kW
  • STARTER – Electric starter
  • STROKE – 60 mm
  • BORE – 89 mm
  • CLUTCH – Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically actuated
  • DISPLACEMENT – 373 cm³
  • EMS – Bosch EMS with RBW
  • DESIGN – 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
  • LUBRICATION- Wet sump

KTM Duke 390 Suspension & Chassic

You quickly notice that the suspension is short but brilliant. The suspension is responsive and the front brakes are strong enough to take just one finger for the operations. It’s so much fun on the road, with the power of its 373cc engine and the grip of the tyres. A bigger bike could shake you out of a straight bend, but if you’re on it long enough to get a nasty rash, you have less to worry about.

  • ABS – Bosch 9.1MP Two Channel ABS (Supermoto ABS)
  • CHAIN – 520 X-Ring
  • FRAME DESIGN – Steel trellis frame, powder-coated

Due to the more feel of the front end in the corners, the new KTM Duke 390 is spacious and comfortable. It got straight handlebars, with an aggressive supermoto feel. The small 390 revolutions in the sky, when you shift up a gear and you can feel that.

The 2017 KTM Duke 390 was refined, easy to live with, and comes with a high level of specifications and excellent attention to detail. It’s a fun little bike to look at and the performance will put a smile on your face. If you’re planning to get the Duke 390 (updated for 2021) as your first big bike, you’ll be delighted, and if you’re an old hand, it won’t fail to impress.

Duke 390 Ride & Handling

The 2017 version offers an unprecedented level of fun, quality, and performance for its share size. Given that the updated KTM Duke 390 is the first major update since its launch in 2013. The KTM 390 Dukes engine offers not only breathtaking torque, hair-raising acceleration, good manners in everyday life, and excellent fuel consumption. On its home market, due to its size and weight, it is in the middle class of the middle class, where it is sold in India for more than three times the average price of a motorcycle.

Although the BS6 Duke 390, feels more agile than its predecessor. It also feels more comfortable in the sharp corner while changing direction. Still, it sounds too good to be true, but the Duke will likely be filled after 200km. More Power needs more fuel and offers frugal economical motorcycles. Another guess is that the KTM 390 Dukes is slower in the lower gears because it releases its power in the upper end as gears climb. while the Ninja 400 keeps its power in all gears, on the dynamometer, resulting in better acceleration.

KTM Duke 390 Price

The new generation KTM 390 Duke will be a BS6 model at the price of Rs 2.87 lakh. And will be the first to have a full TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, slipper clutch, and ride-by-wire. Which is a fantastic offer for the KTM Duke 390 BS6 price point. If the price is right, when the 390 Adventure comes on the market, it will cost quite a lot more.

The slipper clutch is a nice feature on Baby Duke as it is an anti-slipping feature. That increases the stability of the bike against aggressive downshifts that cause inexperience. And also extends the life of the rear tire, and knows you are ahead in burnout competitions. The 390 Duke leans heavily on his big brother, the 1290 Super Duke (r) in the optics department with more angular aggressiveness, which is associated with the family line. Compared to the older 390, the seats are wider and do not give a sore bottom.

The KTM 390 Duke 390 (373.2 CC of displacement) is a single-cylinder motorcycle constructed by Bajaj Auto, KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc., and Kammi, the Austrian manufacturer of KTM. The value of this indoctrination does not vanish on KTM, as evidenced by the fact that in 2017 the company modernized and refurbished its entry-level model the 390 Duke, and that the refurbishment has carried over to the 2021 season. As a water-cooled bumper for driving pleasure, the Duke 390s 373.2 cubic capacity looks very similar to the engine of the new Vitpilen 401 Husqvarna.


In the end, I feel that, for people who like the look of what KTM is going to do, this is the right way to go, price and performance are damned.

The first thing you hear is that the Duke is a streetcar, it’s not designed for touring. What I mean by that is that all these conditions apply to a motorcycle that is not designed for touring, so if you want to do that as a tourer, go for the KTM 390 Adventure.

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