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I believe that cooperation is a way to success and like to help people whenever they seek my help. I am an average student and like to Machines, Cars, and Motorcycles. And have a traveler soul and currently author at Motosutra.

What is Torque?


Definition of Torque Torque by definition is the perpendicular force acting upon an axis from a distance. Let’s understand by this illustrated example. Consider a car which we want to move forward. Now to do this we’ll rotate its wheels. So we’ll arrange this:- a plank connected from the center of the wheel to the …

How Manual Transmission Works?

manual transmission

Manual transmission or a gearbox has been serving automobiles for many decades. Even today, it’s the most popular form of transmission. In this article, we’ll give a conceptual introduction to the workings of actual manual transmission, with a reverse gear. The basic question is – Why transmission is required in an automobile? The power generated …

How Turbocharger Works?


 A turbocharger is nothing but a centrifugal compressor. The principle here is forced induction. It’s the process of forcing compressed air into the intake for combustion. First, we will see the basic parts of a turbocharger. A turbocharger consists of a compressor housing compress, a wheel turbine wheel, turbine housing, connecting shaft bearings, and oil …

How Car Engine Works?

Car Engine

A car engine generates power from the expansion of compressed air in a contained cylinder with the help of fuel that is why it’s called an internal combustion engine. Before getting into the working let’s see the main parts involved in the working of an engine. First the crankshaft — this is the part that …