Yezdi Roadster Motorcycle Review: Blending Classic Charm with Modern Performance


The Yezdi Roadster is the most affordable motorcycle in the company’s lineup which includes the Scrambler and Adventure bikes. This retro-styled roadster aims to offer classic appeal along with modern capability. In this first ride review, we will evaluate how well the Roadster delivers on its promise.

Overview of the Yezdi Brand

Yezdi motorcycles were originally manufactured in India between 1978 and 1996 before the company went defunct. The brand was revived in 2022 by Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd., who also revived the Jawa brand.

The line-up includes:

Yezdi Adventure

  • A dual-sport motorcycle capable on and off-road
  • Rugged appeal and upright seating position

Yezdi Scrambler

  • Retro-classic scrambler styling
  • Ability to handle mild off-road terrain

Yezdi Roadster

  • Entry-level model with a cruiser/standard positioning
  • Focused on tarmac riding over off-road capability

Engine and Performance

The Yezdi Roadster is powered by a 334cc single-cylinder engine, which is liquid-cooled and fuel-injected.

Key engine details:

  • Shared across Yezdi models but tuned uniquely for the Roadster
  • Produces 29.7 hp at 7300 rpm and 28.2 Nm torque at 6000 rpm
  • Features a counter-balancer to reduce vibrations
  • Has a distinctive exhaust note

While not a powerhouse, the motor delivers adequate thrust for relaxed cruising and commuting. There is some vibration at high rpm but overall the engine fits the Roadster’s character nicely.

Part Throttle Response

There are minor fueling hiccups at part throttle openings, but these aren’t deal-breakers. Overall power delivery is smooth enough for the Roadster’s intended usage.

Yezdi Roadster

Design and Ergonomics

The Roadster features a timeless teardrop-shaped fuel tank with chrome accents. The circular LED headlamp and fork gaiters add to the retro appeal.

Key ergonomic details:

  • Relaxed seating position with forward-set footpegs
  • The pullback handlebar offers a natural arm position
  • Seat height of 790 mm is accessible for shorter riders
  • 145 kg kerb weight is easy to maneuver

The riding position finds a nice balance between cruising comfort and agile handling. The lean and compact design also makes the bike feel nimble in traffic.

Ride Quality and Handling

With its road-biased tyres and suspension setup, the Roadster excels on tarmac. Ride quality is plush and compliant over bumps and undulations.

Key handling traits:

  • Telescopic front forks offer 130 mm travel
  • Twin rear shock absorbers with 94 mm travel
  • 17-inch alloy wheels front and rear
  • 110-section front and 140-section rear tyres
  • 220 mm front and 153 mm rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS

While not sharp or sporty, the Roadster displays precise and neutral handling manners within its comfort zone. The chassis provides adequate stability and turns predictably through corners.

Large Bump Absorption

Hitting larger bumps tends to lift the rider slightly off the seat. This is typical of cruisers due to their rear suspension layout. However, it’s not bothersome during regular riding.

Features and Equipment

Like other Yezdi bikes, the Roadster skips fancy electronic aids and connectivity. Instead, it offers simple, functional instrumentation.

Key features:

  • Analogue speedo and circular digital display
  • Tripmeter, odometer, clock, fuel gauge
  • Simple switchgear and ignition barrel
  • Matte colors choices with dual-tone schemes

There are no ride modes or traction control. ABS is standard but optional accessories are fewer than the Scrambler and Adventure. The Roadster focuses on timeless appeal rather than modern gadgetry.

How Does It Compare to the Meteor 350?

The Roadster goes up directly against Royal Enfield’s Meteor 350 cruiser. Both bikes have a similar retro flair but the Yezdi promises better performance and suspension sophistication. The RE is cheaper but may lack the Roadster’s polish.

Key differences:

  • Roadster makes 5 hp more power
  • Much nicer suspension setup on the Yezdi
  • Better brakes on the Roadster with dual-channel ABS
  • However, the Meteor 350 is significantly cheaper
  • RE has optional Bluetooth connectivity

It will be interesting to pit these two accessible cruisers against each other in a full comparison test. But at first glance, the Roadster seems to justify its higher price with better hardware.

Is Yezdi Roadster worth buying?

Here are some key points on whether the Yezdi Roadster is worth buying:

  • For its pricing, the Roadster offers strong value for money. At around Rs 2 lakh ex-showroom, it’s very competitively priced.
  • The 334cc single-cylinder engine delivers adequate power and torque for relaxed riding. It’s smooth and refined for a single-cylinder motor.
  • Ride quality is a highlight, with the suspension ably soaking up bumps and undulations. Handling is also predictable.
  • Braking performance with dual-channel ABS adds assurance during hard stops. The chassis feels stable at typical riding speeds.
  • The retro design stands out in the crowd and build quality seems up to the mark based on initial reviews. Fit-finish levels are appreciable.
  • However, vibrations are felt at high rpms. Large bump absorption could be better due to the rear suspension layout.
  • Lacks some equipment like connectivity, adjustable levers, LED lighting, etc offered by rivals. The accessory list is also limited.
  • After-sales service coverage might take time to expand across India for a new brand like Yezdi.
  • Long-term reliability is unproven as it’s a newly launched model. But it uses a proven engine with updates.

So in summary, at its competitive pricing, the Roadster offers good value as a novice-friendly, retro-styled cruiser. If the design appeals to you and vibration/bump absorption aren’t deal breakers, it’s certainly worth considering. However, also weigh long-term ownership factors before making a purchase decision.


Of the three new Yezdi models, the Roadster impresses the most as a cohesive package. It nicely delivers the promise of a simple and charming retro roadster. The engine works well within the bike’s design ethos and the ride quality is hard to fault.


  • Strong value for money
  • Smooth, tractable engine
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Neutral, nimble handling
  • Polished suspension setup
  • Strong brakes with ABS

Yes, it does have some vibration at high rpm and lift-off over large bumps. But overall, the Roadster is an engaging and likeable motorcycle, perfect for relaxed riding in style. It hits the mark as an affordable neo-retro roadster and compares well to rivals like the Meteor 350.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the power and torque output of the Yezdi Roadster?

A1: The 334cc single-cylinder engine in the Roadster makes 29.7 hp at 7300 rpm and 28.2 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm.

Q2: What features does the Roadster offer?

A2: Key features include an analogue speedometer with a small digital display, dual-channel ABS, 17-inch alloy wheels, and telescopic front forks. It misses out on fancy electronics and connectivity.

Q3: How well does the Roadster handle?

A3: It displays precise, neutral handling on the tarmac within its comfort zone. The chassis offers adequate stability through corners but it’s not an especially sporty bike.

Q4: Who is the Yezdi Roadster’s main rival?

A4: The Roadster goes up directly against the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Both are affordable retro-styled cruisers but the Yezdi promises better performance and suspension.

Q5: What are the positives and negatives of the Roadster?

A5: Positives include its strong value, refined engine, comfortable ergonomics, and polished suspension. Downsides are some vibration at high rpm and suspension bottoming over large bumps.

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