Skoda Kushaq Unveiled – Features, Engines, And First Look

Skoda Kushaq Overview

This is the production version of the Skoda Kushaq. Now you’ve seen it as a concept. The score, a vision IN. We’ve even driven a production or a pre-production prototype. And we weren’t able to show you the insides. But now we have the car all to ourselves. We can take you for a spin around the outside and inside, but of course, we can’t drive it just yet. So let’s get going. 

Skoda Kushaq Design And Dimensions

Now, as you can see, it stays pretty much true to the vision IN concept. And all of those striking elements are all here on the car. The dual or the split headlamp design. The headlamps, of course, are on Top Gear and DRLS and fog lights below. You’ve got this massively wide Grill. And down below there is a nice-looking skid plate. The headlights if you look very closely. It’s what Skoda calls the Skoda crystal lighting obviously in a nod to their heritage. Chicks are famous for crystal work, and there’s a lot of elements around the car that highlight this.

Now, over here at the side. As you can see, stylistically things are pretty similar to the vision IN concept. You’ve got the Fender Mounted Badge proudly displaying the Skoda name. This Alloy Wheels, as you can see there stretched out to the extremes out of the car. And Skoda says it’s got the longest wheelbase in its segment.

Skoda Kushaq Side profile

In terms of safety, there are a lot. And things like even stability control are standard all through. The front has Disc brakes. And the drums at the rear. The taillights here feature some nice and ticket work. and again give it that crystalline effect. That’s what Skoda is so proud of, and it’s pretty evident here and in the reflectors too. 

Boot Space

Now the rear, of course, does look striking. They have got your Skid plate down below. And the boot is pretty large at 385 Liters. It’s a little deep, so you would have to hoist a few bags over, but it’s nice and wide and should take a fair bit of luggage.

Skoda Kushaq back

Skoda Kushaq Interior

Now, over here in the interior, there is ample legroom. Skoda did say that we would be impressed with the legroom, and it is pretty impressive. I’m 5 foot 10 inches, and I’ve adjusted this driver seat to my Driving position. And there is an ample amount of legroom for me. I can stretch out too because there’s a nice little gap under the seats.

Skoda Kushaq backseat

Seat bases themselves to are nice and comfy. It quite, nice, and causing this enough thigh support for now. Yeah, I am pretty comfortable. We’ve got an armrest. That has two cupholders. Headroom Yes, that’s pretty sufficient though. It’s not necessarily as impressive as the legroom. But I have enough clearance to the top.

Now in terms of features. You’ve got dual AC vents here. There isn’t any control for temperature or fan speed. But you do have vents to keep you cool below that. Of course, are two Type C USB slots, so yeah, you would need. Of course, you need type C charges.

Driver Seat

Yeah, now in here in the driver seat it is impressive. Stylistically, there’s a lot that is inspired by the vision IN concept. This lovely little finish that runs all across the dash into the door pads too looks pretty nice. And I must say well, I saw it earlier in pictures. It did look a little too reflective, but it isn’t so. It’s nice and matte and dull down and looks very premium. 

Skoda Kushaq Driverseat

The other thing that looks premium is this steering wheel. Here it’s a two-spoke unit or what Skoda likes to call it a floating boss here. And you’ve got these little knurled knobs that kind of stick out and float as well.

Skoda Kushaq Driver seat

Nice to use and very well damped. I have to say so. Also are the switches which will all operate with the typical kind of weight. That you’d expect from well a Skoda group of cars. 

Skoda Kushaq Features

Now other features as you can look around. We’ve got, of course, like in the North to the future Type C USB slots here as well. Oddly, enough we have dials, which are traditional dials. Now they do look nice and neat and clean, very crisp and clear font. but it just would have been so much nicer to see a display or a digital dial there too. Perhaps are they just saving that up for the facelift or the update now? 

Skoda Kushaq feature

What is, of course, a screen and a touch screen is this unit here in the center. It’s got all of the connectivity that you would typically expect. Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and you have, of course, your trip computer and various other functions. It also got the Sygic, Ghana, and a few local apps already built-in with Skoda have developed with local players from our market. 

The other bits that are highlighted on this car. The seats are ventilated, and you also have a climate control system or which is operated by a touch panel. Now, this is something that, I would have preferred if they were buttons, but yes, they are touch dials over here. 


Now, as you can see Skoda has gone to town with a lot of features but there are a few areas where they have tried to save on costs. Some of the bits will plastics here down below are a bit hard and kind of feel scratchy. Up here you have a roof lining which isn’t the knitted type, but woven doesn’t look all that premium. and another big well miss would be the very big or the panoramic sunroof. You do have a sunroof here, but it isn’t the ones that are offered by some of its competitors. That aside though, the cabin. It an impressive car and Skoda have done a pretty good job of keeping things nice and premium? 

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Skoda Kushaq Engine & Options

Now, the car we have here has been powered by the one-liter TSI engine that puts out 115 horsepower. And importantly, Skoda has very proud to say that this engine is made right here in India. It’s made it to a manual gearbox. The car that we have, of course, and if you take a look inside the engine bay, you can see it’s a rather compact unit. There is, of course, a bigger power plant or 1.5 liters. But that’s not the car we have right here. 


So yes, that is the India spec production version of the Skoda kushaq. Now, as I said before, unfortunately, we can’t drive it just yet. The car is going, to launch in June, but if you want to have an idea of what it feels like from behind the wheel. Stay tuned for our review. 

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