Simple Energy ONE Price, Booking, Specs, Range

Simple Energy ONE Overview

First, look at the Simple ONE, the first electric scooter from Simple Energy. There is a bit of a build-up to this, and it is launched on 15th August at 1,09,999 rupees Ex-showroom. State-wise, On-road pricing will defer according to the subsidies in each state. But they have given us quite a few numbers about this. So let’s dive in for a bit of a closer look.

Now there are a couple of things that are unusual about the scooter. For one, it is driven by a chain, which is rare. Because you usually see electric scooters that are either driven by hub motors or a belt drive system. The chain drive system is likely to be noisier than a hub motor or belt drive. But Simple says it has chosen it for its transmission efficiency as well as to keep costs low.

Simple Enengy ONE 1

Electric Engine Specs

Powering the ONE is a permanent magnet motor with a nominal output of 4.5 kilowatts and peak power of 7 kilowatts. Which Simple says promises 0 to 40 kph in 2.95 seconds. And that is rather rapid even faster than something like the TVS Ntorq race XP. 


The second unusual thing is the battery system on this cumulative capacity is 4.8 kilowatt-hours. But that split between a fixed battery pack under the floorboard as well as a removable battery pack under the seat.

It’s 3.2 kilowatt-hours under the floorboard. And the rest of it is under the seats. There is no switch or anything you, just pull it straight out. It is got connectors at the bottom.


With two battery packs, Simple Energy claims 203 kilometers in Eco mode in the real-world estimate. But under the Indian Driving Cycle, it’s 236 kilometers. Which are close to the 240 kilometers that they promised.

It’s got four riding modes, and the top speed in the fastest of those modes is 105 kilometers an hour. in the Eco mode, you are looking at 45 to 48 kph. And switching between these modes is done through the 7-inch touchscreen. 

overall specs


It offers features like geo-fencing and connected technology. Another unique and rather, useful feature on the ONE is a built-in tire pressure monitoring system. which is quite impressive at this price point.


Brake & Chassis

Simple Energy 99% localization I don’t know how they calculate that. But the one percent that isn’t localized are the cells in the battery pack, which come from South Korea. The rest of it including, the chassis and the underpinnings, are developed by Simple.

There is a disc brake at either end. And Simple says this is a patented design that they have developed themselves. Same for the rear monoshock that there is a design pattern for it. And they have developed it in association with an OEM. 

Boot Space

Despite the large battery capacity, the Simple ONE has a coated curb weight of 110 kilograms. Which makes it a whole lot lighter than the Ola S1 Pro and only 2 kgs heavier than the Ather 450x. Under-seat storage space is also impressive at 30 liters. And more importantly, even with the removable battery pack in place. You still have enough space to store an EC-approved full-face helmet.

Online Booking

The numbers do convince you bookings are already open for an amount of 1947 rupees. And Simple Energy hopes to begin deliveries by the end of this year.


The figures sound impressive, but we still have to ride this scooter to see what it is like? And there’s also the matter of observing how smoothly this startup can bring its first product to market. Until then, what do you think of the Simple Energy scooter and its specifications? Are they enough to convince you to go electric? Tell us in the comments

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