Harley Davidson X440 Review: Harley’s Answer to the Royal Enfield Classic 350


The Harley-Davidson X440 marks Hero MotoCorp’s entry into the premium motorcycle segment in India. Made in collaboration with Harley-Davidson, this new motorcycle takes aim at rivals like the Royal Enfield Classic 350. In this review, we take a close look at what the X440 has to offer to see if it can shake up this hotly contested segment.

Overview of the Harley Davidson X440

The X440 is an all-new model built from the ground up by Hero at their Center for Innovation and Technology. It features an American cruiser-style design but with a more roadster-oriented ergonomics. The 443cc single-cylinder engine makes 27hp and 38Nm, which are segment-leading figures. Pricing starts at just ₹2.45 lakh, undercutting the Classic 350 significantly.

Design and Styling

Inspired by the Harley XR1200, the X440 has a muscular fuel tank, rounded headlamp, and stubby tail section. The mix of metal and plastic parts helps keep weight under 190kg. The attention-grabbing styling stands out from typical Harley cruisers. Brighter colors would accentuate the design even further.

Build Quality and Finish

Build quality is decent but not as refined as Royal Enfield’s models. The brake clamp, switchgear, and instrument cluster are nicely finished but the overall fit and finish could be better. Still, it feels reasonably well put together considering the competitive pricing.

Engine and Performance of Harley Davidson X440

Displacement and Power Figures

The air and oil-cooled single-cylinder motor has a displacement of 443cc. It produces 27hp and 38Nm, making it substantially more powerful than the Classic 350 while keeping the single-cylinder thump.

Torque and Flexibility

The highlight is the strong low and mid-range torque. You can pull cleanly from 20kph in 3rd gear and it feels smooth even at highway speeds. This flexibility enhances rideability tremendously in city and highway riding.

Exhaust Note

Hero says they tuned the exhaust note to sound like a Harley V-twin. While it doesn’t quite match that, it has a pleasingly deep and raspy tone. It’s louder and more organic sounding than the Honda CB350.

Ride and Handling

x440 mtb 388

Suspension and Comfort

The suspension offers good compliance over broken roads. The plush 43mm front forks and preload-adjustable rear shocks soak up bumps well. The upright riding position and comfy seat make it easy to spend long hours in the saddle.

Riding Position

The upright stance is comfortable while still feeling connected to the bike. The wide handlebars give great leverage and the mid-set footpegs find a nice middle ground, allowing you to enjoy corners while reducing fatigue.

Handling and Cornering

Despite a 190kg kerb weight, the X440 is agile and poised through corners. The chassis provides confidence-inspiring stability when leaned over. The good cornering clearance allows you to carry plenty of speed through twisty sections before footpegs start scraping.


The brakes offer adequate stopping power for the street. They aren’t overly sharp but have enough bite and feel to haul the bike down from speed effectively. Dual-channel ABS is standard for added safety.

Features and Equipment

Harley-Davidson X440 Review

Variants and Prices

There are three variants priced from ₹2.45-2.75 lakh ex-showroom. The base model gets spoked wheels and tube-type tires. The mid variant adds alloy wheels while the top-end version gets some styling upgrades. Overall the mid-variant makes the most sense considering the small price difference.

Connected Technology

All variants get Bluetooth connectivity for phone and navigation integration. The top-end model also includes an eSIM for expanded connected features. Even without the eSIM, the X440 offers excellent tech and equipment levels for its price point.


With segment-leading power and torque combined with poised handling, the Harley-Davidson X440 makes a strong case as an alternative to the Classic 350 and CB350. Its excellent flexibility and everyday rideability add to the package. Competitively priced with generous equipment levels, the X440 should shake up the premium 350-500cc space.


The Harley Davidson X440 delivers an engaging ride experience that outmuscles its direct air-cooled rivals. The torquey engine, balanced chassis, and comfortable ergonomics come together to create a very likable motorcycle. It offers a lot for the price and is a strong new contender in the middleweight retro motorcycle segment in India.


Q: What is the power and torque output of the X440 engine?

A: The 443cc single-cylinder motor produces 27hp at 7000rpm and 38Nm of torque at 4000rpm.

Q: What features does the Harley Davidson X440 offer?

A: All variants get LED lighting, digital instrumentation, Bluetooth connectivity, dual-channel ABS, and more. The top model adds an eSIM for expanded connected tech.

Q: How does the X440 compare to the Royal Enfield Classic 350?

A: The X440 makes significantly more power and torque compared to the Classic 350 while undercutting it on pricing. It also has more modern features and equipment.

Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the Harley-Davidson X440?

A: Harley-Davidson claims a fuel efficiency figure of 35-40kmpl for the X440. Real-world efficiency will vary based on riding conditions.

Q: What is the price of the Harley Davidson X440 in India?

A: Pricing starts at Rs. 2.45 lakh for the base variant and goes up to Rs. 2.75 lakh for the top model, ex-showroom.

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