Ather 450S Review – An Authentic Ather Experience at a More Affordable Price


The Ather 450S has made its grand entrance into the world of electric scooters. Emerging from the stable of Ather Energy, a dynamic start-up based in Bengaluru. This two-wheeled wonder seeks to encapsulate the quintessential Ather experience, complete with its hallmark features, and deliver it at a price point that won’t break the bank, as opposed to its premium sibling, the Ather 450X.

The Ather 450S manages to retain the sleek and suave design, along with the robust chassis, of its higher-end counterpart, the 450X. While some compromises have been made in terms of battery capacity, motor output, and the display. These sacrifices have paved the way for a more wallet-friendly starting price of Rs 1.39 lakhs. This strategic move aims to extend accessibility to a broader range of potential buyers who might have been deterred by the hefty price tag of the Ather 450X, hovering around Rs 1.7 lakhs.


In terms of design, the Ather 450S and its elder sibling, the 450X, could easily be mistaken for twins. Both exude a bold and contemporary aura, accentuated by the presence of LED lighting and a premium finish. The chassis, boasting exposed aluminum, the tail section reminiscent of a dolphin’s elegant form, and the 12-inch wheels, establish an identity that is undeniably Ather.

While these siblings are visually indistinguishable, the defining feature that sets them apart lies in their instrumentation. The 7-inch touchscreen display of the 450X takes a back seat in the 450S, replaced by a more rudimentary segmented LCD panel. Ather, however, hasn’t compromised on quality in this aspect. The color display boasts crisp, high-resolution graphics and a seamless user interface. The icing on the cake remains Bluetooth connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, and intuitive call/music controls.

A noticeable enhancement can also be found in the revamped switchgear. The buttons, endowed with an air of sophistication, offer a more cushioned feel. Interestingly, Ather plans to introduce this upgraded tactile switchgear in the 450X model as well, signifying a harmonious advancement across the board.

Ather 450S Performance

SpecificationAther 450X (3.7 kWh Battery)Ather 450X (2.9 kWh Battery)Ather 450S (2.9 kWh Battery)
Top Speed90 km/h90 km/h90 km/h
Warp™ ModeYesNoNo
Certified Range150 km111 km115 km
TrueRange™110 km90 km90 km
ColoursCosmic Black, Still White, Salt Green, Space Grey, True Red, Lunar GreyCosmic Black, Still White, Salt Green, Space Grey, True Red, Lunar GreyCosmic Black, Still White, Salt Green, Space Grey
Dashboard17.7 cm (7”) TFT touchscreen17.7 cm (7”) TFT touchscreen17.7 cm (7”) DeepView™ display
NavigationGoogle MapsGoogle MapsTurn by Turn
Charging (0-100%)5 hr 45 min8 hr 36 min8 hr 36 min

The pièce de résistance in the Ather 450S is the introduction of a smaller 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, a departure from the larger 3.7 kWh unit housed within the 450X. This alteration results in a reduction in the IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) range to 85 km. Marking a 20% dip from the impressive 106 km range boasted by its predecessor.

Range and charging

However, real-world application paints a different picture. Ather claims that the 450S offers a true range of 90 km in Eco mode and 70 km in Sport mode. While we haven’t conducted extensive testing to validate these figures. Historical data suggests that Ather’s estimations are relatively accurate, often aligning closely with real-world experiences.

For most urban commutes, the 70-90 km range should prove to be more than adequate. To sweeten the deal, the 450S supports rapid charging akin to its sibling. Allowing riders to amass 15 km of range within a mere 10 minutes. Home charging, spanning the 0-80% range, takes approximately 6.5 hours.

Personal charger

The slight dip in performance was brought about by the decrease in peak power output to 5.4 kW from the 6 kW motor found in the 450X. Doesn’t dampen the spirit of the 450S. Retaining the same torque of 22 Nm and boasting a top speed of 90 kph. The 450S maintains its agility, delivering spirited acceleration. It’s important to note that factors like state of charge and temperature exert a subtle influence on the scooter’s performance.

Surprisingly, even with the minor adjustment in power, the 450S continues to exude the same level of excellence in handling and stability synonymous with the 450X. The unchanged chassis geometry ensures a planted and sporty feel around corners, with the only discernible difference being slightly narrower rear tires. The ride quality, characterized by a firm yet comfortable demeanor, remains consistent.

Ather 450S Features

The Ather 450S doesn’t fall short in the feature department, promising a premium and connected scooter experience. While the LCD display might lack touch functionality, the user interface has been meticulously designed, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly display.

The display offers more than just the basics. Turn-by-turn navigation is accompanied by detailed intersection previews, along with direction and distance indicators. The music and call functions are conveniently accessible, elevating the overall riding experience.

However, one notable absentee is the Warp mode, previously present in the 450X. This mode was designed to enhance power for quick overtaking maneuvers. However, given the constraints of the reduced battery capacity, Ather chose to forgo this feature in favor of maximizing range. Despite this omission, the 450S’s performance remains more than adequate for urban escapades.


The Ather 450S confidently steps onto the stage with a starting price of Rs 1.29 lakhs (ex-showroom). This pricing strategy positions it as a more economical alternative, making it approximately Rs 30,000 more budget-friendly than its elder sibling, the 450X. For those who desire a little extra, the Pro pack offers a suite of features including hill hold control, tow detection, and an enticing 5-year battery warranty, all available at a price of Rs 1.44 lakhs.

ModelBattery CapacityEffective Ex-showroom Price
Ather 450X3.7 kWh₹ 1,44,871
Ather 450X2.9 kWh₹ 1,37,950
Ather 450S2.9 kWh₹ 1,29,949

Meanwhile, the 450X has undergone a transformation as well, offering a variant with a 2.9 kWh battery pack, priced between Rs 1.29-1.54 lakhs. Ather Energy has temporarily removed the previous version of the 450X, which featured a 3.7 kWh battery, from the market.

When weighed against other premium electric scooters, the 450 duo stands their ground in terms of pricing. The Ather 450S’s more approachable specification bridges the gap, extending Ather’s reach to a broader array of potential buyers.


The Ather 450S orchestrates a seamless translation of the quintessential attributes present in the 450X into an accessible package. While there may be a slightly smaller battery and an LCD display, the unique charm of Ather remains undiluted. From its striking design to the sophisticated features and app connectivity, the 450S encapsulates the very essence of Ather.

Furthermore, the sporty handling and refinement characteristics of the 450X are preserved in the 450S. Significantly, the range of 70-90 km adeptly caters to the commuting needs of urban dwellers. The convenience of fast charging adds an extra layer of allure to the package.

In a nutshell, the Ather 450S extends a genuine premium electric scooter experience to those who might have been put off by the price tag of the 450X. While certain compromises are evident, the 450S doesn’t lose sight of the enjoyment, intelligence, and practicality that define the Ather scooter lineage. For urban electric vehicle enthusiasts, considering the 450S is an endeavor well worth the time.


Q1. What is the price of the Ather 450S?

The Ather 450S enters the market with a price range of Rs 1.39 lakhs to Rs 1.44 lakhs (ex-showroom). This translates to an inviting Rs 30,000 reduction when compared to the price of the Ather 450X.

Q2. What is the range of the Ather 450S?

Ather asserts a credible range of 70-90 km on a single charge, contingent upon the selected riding mode. This range represents a 20% dip compared to the Ather 450X, attributable to the deployment of a smaller 2.9 kWh battery.

Q3. Does the 450S support fast charging?

Certainly, the Ather 450S facilitates the addition of a 15 km range within a mere 10 minutes, thanks to the fast charging infrastructure provided by Ather’s charging points and grid chargers. For those who opt for home charging, the process spans approximately 6.5 hours.

Q4. What features does the 450S offer over the 450X?

While the 450S does entail certain compromises such as a smaller display and reduced power output, it continues to embrace premium design, navigation, smartphone connectivity, ride modes, and more, ensuring a satisfying riding experience.

Q5. How does the 450S’s pricing compare to other electric scooters?

In the realm of pricing, the Ather 450S competes effectively against worthy contenders such as the Ola S1 Pro, Simple One, and TVS iQube. Notably, the pricing of the Ather 450S commences at Rs 30,000 lower than the introductory price of the Ather 450X.

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