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How Manual Transmission Works?

Rahul SinghJan 11, 20215 min read

Introduction Have you ever wondered how a manual transmission works? In a world dominated by automatic transmissions, understanding the inner workings of a manual gearbox might seem like a relic of the past. However, the art of driving a manual…


How Motorcycles Engine Works – The Basics

Rahul SinghJan 10, 20216 min read

Introduction to Motorcycles Engine Works If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle or have been fascinated by these two-wheeled wonders, you might have wondered, “How does a motorcycle engine work?” Motorcycle engines are the beating hearts of these machines, converting fuel…


What’s the difference between HP, BHP, and PS?

Rahul SinghJan 10, 20216 min read

Defining Horsepower (HP) Horsepower (HP) is a common measurement used to rate the power of an engine. It was invented by James Watt in the 18th century to compare the output of steam engines to the power of draft horses.…


How a Scooter Gear or CVT Transmission works?

Rahul SinghJan 7, 20215 min read

Introduction Scooters are a popular form of transportation known for their maneuverability and efficiency. A key component that determines the performance and feel of a scooter is its transmission. There are two main types of transmissions used in scooters -…


How Turbocharger Works?

Rahul SinghJan 7, 20216 min read

A turbocharger is an exhaust-driven forced induction device that boosts the power output of an internal combustion engine by pushing extra compressed air into the combustion chambers. Turbocharging allows smaller, more efficient engines to have the power of larger engines…