Introduction Of New Yezdi Motorcycle Adventure, Scrambler, And Roadster

Overview Of All New Yezdi’s

Classic legends have finally made the rebirth of the beloved Yezdi brand official with three new motorcycles.

  1. Yezdi adventure,
  2. Yezdi scrambler,
  3. and the Yezdi roadster.

The logical thing to expect here is that all three bikes are based on the Jawa platform. (and to some extent they are). But the differences between Yezdi and the Jawas. And the differences between each of these three bikes themselves are much more than you might have expected.

New Yezdi Engine

The common ground here is that all three Yezdi use the larger 334cc single-cylinder engine from the Jawa Perak. As with the Perak, this four-valve liquid-cooled engine drives the rear wheel via a six-speed gearbox. But things get quite different from here on. Because classic legends claim that the engine internals is different with new heads pistons valves and more.

Each year the engine has its own tune, and they all produce slightly different levels of power and torque. The Yezdi Roadster and the scrambler both get twin exhaust pipes, while the Adventure bike gets a single exhaust on the right side.

However, the roadster continues with the dual exhaust sport cylinder head design that we’ve seen in the Jawas. And strangely, the Roadster engine also keeps the Jawa-shaped engine cases on the left and right sides.

The Adventure and Scrambler have a single exhaust (spots in the engine cylinder head, that’s a big engineering change). And these two bikes also get rectangular-shaped engine side cases that are designed, to look similar to the original Yezdi.

How much of a difference all this will actually make to the riding experience is something that will have to wait until Yezdi gives us some bikes to ride. Which will hopefully be soon.

Yezdi Adventure Design

Yezdi Adventure

Visually, all three look quite different than the existing Jawas. Although, there’s no getting away from the fact. That the Adventure has many similarities to its direct rival, the Royal Enfield Himalayan. These include 

  • the round headlamp 
  • the shape of the windscreen 
  • the double front fender design 
  • the split seats, 
  • and even the tubular metal, 
  • structures around the fuel tank.

Where Yezdi aims to differentiate itself is by offering more technology. Like a large LCD display that can be tilted to the rider’s liking. The Adventure is the only one of these three to offer Bluetooth connectivity with turn-by-turn navigation. And this will work via a dedicated mobile phone app.

Yezdi Scrambler Design 

Yezdi Scrambler

As for the Yezdi Scrambler, as its name suggests, this will be a scrambler-style motorcycle. And currently, it’s the only one of its kind on sale in India at this price point. It’s a good-looking machine with 

  • a dirt bike-style front fender,
  • spoke wheels, 
  • generous ground clearance.
  • And an offset LCD display 

Classic legends tell us that the strange angle of the rear subframe is a decision that they took for styling purposes. And it’ll be interesting to see how comfortable this will be for a pillion rider.

Yezdi Roadster Design 

Yezdi Roadster

As for the Yezdi Roadster, it gets the most street bike-oriented style. And it’s the only one here with alloy wheels and tubeless tires. The roadster also gets the same side body panels as the Jawas. Both the roadster and the scrambler use the same LCD display but are mounted in different areas on the handlebar.

The roadster is positioned as the entry-level Yezdi. and it misses out on features like 

  • LED indicators 
  • And the handlebar-mounted USB chargers that come on the scrambler and adventure.

Feature And Accessories

All three bikes get dual-channel abs. But the adventure and scrambler gets the abs with three modes 

  • Road 
  • Off-road 
  • And rain.

It is worth mentioning that all three bikes you see here have some optional accessories on them including 

  • The handguards,
  • Headlamp grilles,
  • And the luggage mount.

Classic legends have also chosen to use the Zoroastrian Faravahar symbol on the roadster’s side panels and rear fender. That is probably to link back to Yezdi’s past. But it’s still the first time that we are seeing a manufacturer decide that it’s appropriate to use a religious symbol on a production motorcycle.

Chassis, Suspension, And Tyres

The vast differences between the three Yezdi continue when it comes to the chassis as well. All three Yezdi have unique frames with different steering geometries and wheelbase figures. The adventure is also the only one here to get a monoshock rear suspension.

While they all use 17-inch wheels at the back. But the adventure has a 21-inch front wheel, the scrambler gets a 19-inch front wheel and the roadster runs an 18-inch wheel. The tire sizes are different on all three motorcycles as well.

Being an off-road focus machine, the adventure gets a long-travel suspension. With a generous 200 mm and 180 mm front and rear suspension travel respectively. Ground clearance stands at 220 mm. 

And all these three figures are pretty much identical to what the Royal Enfield Himalayan has to offer. 


Yezdi has just revealed prices with the roadster being the most affordable. The scrambler finds the middle ground and the adventure is the top model.

Given the larger engines and added technology, it’s not a surprise to see that they are priced above the regular Jawas. But the differential seems reasonable. and the adventure, in particular, is priced pretty much on par with the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

let us know which of these new Yezdi you find the most appealing and why in the comments section below.

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