Where to buy the best car for 1 lakh (2021)

    Where to buy the best car for 1 lakh

    It is the dream of the middle class that they have a car of their own but this dream remains a dream of many people because they cannot buy a new car and do not want to take an old car, then we will see all the confusions of them today You are going to remove that you should get a new car or you can buy an old car as a new car. There are many reasons that you will get to see

     Keep in mind before buying a car

    If you want to buy a car, it is very important for you to determine whether you want to buy a family car or for your own use because if you want to buy a family car, it must have four seats and some luggage space. But if you want to buy a car for yourself or for yourself, then keeping the place does not matter so much and you can buy it at a good price too. That too within just ₹ 100000. Let us know what your need is.

     Main things related to family

    You all know that parents are father-son and wife in the family, along with this, if we talk about the middle family, we always feel that if you get a car you will be able to spend your life well Only some important tasks that you will get to see around ₹ 100000, second hand and an easy way of where you will be able to buy, we are going to tell you

     How to identify a good car

    If you are thinking that if you buy a good car, it will run for a long time, then it is absolutely your right decision because a good car can give more profit with less expense. One simple solution to see which car you are most likely to see is that you go to your city and see on the streets, the most car you will get to see, in the parking short you will do the same work if you are in the village. If you live in India, then you should visit your village once and see which people buy the most cars.

    In this, you will be able to see that the most cars you will see in Maruti Alto 800 Wagon R Swift etc. is from the Maruti company, if you see from Madam Family which is a good family, if you see, you can also see the Duster etc. Bolero Scorpio Mahindra pickup etc. can also be seen inside the local, we are going to tell you about how you can buy these cars at a lower price.

     How to buy for less money

    According to your market, you have to find the salaries that you want to create or sell your car immediately, such a seller will not bargain with you much and can give you a good price on these cars according to the condition You will be available at different rates, but keep in mind that before purchasing a car, get the vehicle properly checked and do not forget to check the service records, as well as check whether the car papers are complete or not.

     Buy olx

    Many people within India prefer OLX to buy cars or other electronic goods, but we would like to warn you that online fraudsters have many groups active on OLX that get you stuck And first demand money, you should be careful with such people. If you see a car which is very good and its money is very less, then beware of such people if you see a good car. And if you get a good price, then how do you talk to that person separately and you go to him personally and check the same along with his paper and check it with the train of the chassis number etc. Will prove to be very beneficial for

    In case of any other problem with this, contact the OLX team immediately.

    Call the cellar at a place where there is a very crowded bar because it has been seen many times that a buyer called by the people on OLX is robbed, is in the vicinity of his city to call him and drive.

    Check thoroughly: It has been seen many times that good cars are available at a lower price than usual.

     Purchase a car through your local broker

    It is generally seen that there are many such brokers in the city who give you carts at a good price but they keep some of their commission but by taking it from the broker it is beneficial that you get a good car that too If the commission of the broker decreases in it at a good price then it will be even better, but if you do not have so much knowledge, then you can also buy a vehicle through a broker, that too at a good price and your middle class refusal The dream will also come true, it will not have to face any problem in any way.

     Get a new car or old

    If your budget is not much, then you can take 1 second hand or old car and the old car is not so bad, it gives you a good user experience and tells you of any kind of problems, although your cities are the first owners. By taking care of it, there is a danger in getting a new car that if you have not driven the car before, it may look back and forth and its price may be much lower than before. You may have to pay for the expenses. If you accidentally remove the old car from somewhere, then you will not have to suffer much loss and insurance is also cheaper.


    We hope that you have understood well that which car you can buy for ₹ 100000 is also close to you and easily if your dream is to buy a second hand car and also you want to buy a car. You can quickly share this post and also help us so that anyone who wants to buy a second hand car and is from middle class family can get maximum benefit by reading this post.

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