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Volkswagen Polo 2020 1.0 TSI Review

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Overview

So with us today is Volkswagons Polo all-new 3-cylinder 1 liter TSI Engine. Now, it replaces the larger 1.2 liters, and it has 5 horsepower more than before. In this one has 110 horsepower the same 175 Nm of torque. But slightly later on the power band.

The question is, how good is it to drive, and for the first time, this comes with a 6-speed manual so, rock to look forward to.

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Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Exterior

Let’s get going first up, what else is new on the 2020 Polo? Well, very little actually, PWS baby was facelifted recently. And gets a Polo GTI like a nose. It looks sporty. And what is also a bit different? Is that it gets an extra bit of cladding that runs along the bottom of the doors. And around the rear-ending.

In what looks like a for the diffuser, even though it is more than a generational now, it still looks very proportionate. And often, we tend to forget how timeless it is. The cabin is placed in a set of wide hips, giving it a wide base. The crisp details still elicit long appreciative stares. And what adds drama are those big wheels. But, What it like to drive? Let’s get straight behind the wheel.


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Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Driving Pleasure 

Now, right from the outset, you can tell this is a three-cylinder. It is a bit of a flutter, a bit of vibration. You can feel it in the clutch pedal. And when you take off that Rorty sound that Trump that is there. But having said that, it is, of course, it is not rough, it is not in your face. And after a bit, you almost tend to forget that it is a three and not four cylinders.

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  • Engine displacement 1.0-litre turbo-petrol, 3-cylinder
  • Max Power 110PS
  • Peak Torque 175PS
  • Transmission 6-speed manual
  • Claimed FE 18.24kmpl
  • Tested FE (City) 15.16kmpl
  • Tested FE (Highway) 17.21kmpl
The 1-liter TSI engine responds, nicely, to tap on the throttle. This 1-liter engine feels pretty clean from as low as a 1000 RPM. But power only comes past 2000 RPM. And then you have to wait around to 5/4000 RPM to come in cross this engine speed. And you start to move once past 2500 RPM is a nice slug of power, and then it pulls hard around 6000 RPM.

Performance is so strong 0 to 100 kph (kilometers per hour) comes up in 9.97 seconds. Making it one of the fastest hatchbacks around. The Swift, for reference, is a full 2 second slower and that is despite it weigh a good 190 kilos less.

The 6-speed manual also adds to the driving experience. Now the gearbox is easy to shift and direct. But it is not the lightest unit around, and you do have to put a bit of effort into shifting. What the 6-speed allows you to do is extract the maximum power from the engine. And that makes driving the Polo even more enjoyable.

It writes pretty well to on its large 16-inch ( R16 ‘PORTAGE’ alloy wheels ) tires. There are few formulas there, which is a bit of stiffness in the springs. But it also does round off the bumps quite nicely. So, large craters do not post that much of a problem, and the ground clearance is genderless.

What makes it so enjoyable to drive? Is that you can carry a lot of speed into corners the stiffness in the springs, the light but direct steering. And the overall agility of the Polo makes it fun to drive as well. Turn in, is sharp body control is good, and the harder you drive it, the better it feels. This is a great driver’s car, even the brakes impress. They have good bite and give the driver plenty of confidence like all Volkswagens.

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There is one more engine 1L MPI Petrol

Power meets efficiency. This new eco-friendly engine is compact. Powerful with a fuel efficiency of 17.75 KMPL. A 3-cylinder beauty coupled with 5-speed Manual Transmission. This engine has been crafted carefully and with utmost precision. While still giving you every bit of power you deserve! 76 HP at 6200 RPM and 95 Nm at 2950 – 3800 rpm.

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Interior

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The interiors are tough and well put together. So, the familiar polo interior with very high-quality stuff. The fit and finish are beautiful, nice buttons, everything functions beautifully. But it is a bit too great, especially the gunmetal finish. It looks nice in isolation, but with all this black, it does look a bit dull.

But the driving position is excellent. Nice big dials so you know exactly the speed and the speed of the engine from the tachometer. And visibility from the driver’s seat is pretty good too. Especially for such a low slung hatch.

Also nice is the 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It is not very large, but functionality is good. What is nice is that Apple Carplay and Android Auto added value.

There is not too much space in the back of the polo. That is my driving position, and the knee room is very-limited. But seat comfort is not too bad, and there is a decent amount of headroom. You also get a rear AC vent. You get a 12-volt point. So, you can put a couple of charging points in it. And you do miss the elbow rest but otherwise a bit cramped but not too uncomfortable. 

When it comes to kids. Volkswagen has deleted some essential stuff there is 

  • no rear parking camera 
  • There is no ESP or stability control
  • no LED lights
  • and no wireless charging either 

the 2020 Volkswagens Polo Highline Plus does get stuff like 

  • a cooled glovebox, 
  • cruise control, 
  • voice command, 
  • and OneTouch power window switches.

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Outright performance is what sets this car apart. And at the moment, there is no quicker mainstream hatch. It is stable at speed, loves to tackle corners, and in general goads. You into driving it quickly, but simply this is a brilliant driver’s car. With the ability to plant a big smile on your face. 

If you all want space, comfort, and practicality? The new 2020 Polo 1-liter TSI is not the hatchback for. You shift your gaze to the driver seat, where most owners in this class sit. And the Polo 1-liter TSI suddenly emerges as a front-runner. Adding through the feel-good factor is Volkswagons’ legendary build quality. It feels solid both inside and out. 

And you know that even after five years of hard use, it would not look worse for wear Volkswagen polo price at rupees 8.02 Lac (Highline Plus). It also is not too far off from the Swift ZXI Plus, which is at Rs 7.58 lac. Currently dominates this class. So, if you are looking for a hatchback that is both fun to drive and very useable daily, this car is for you. 

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