Triumph Trident 660 India – Launch Detail

Triumph Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660 Launching on 6th April 2021

Here is the all-new Triumph Trident 660, a completely new motorcycle. An exciting addition to the tridents ranges. It’s fun, agile. It has lots of punch from the three-cylinder engine. And a class-leading specification of technology and equipment as standard. It is, incredibly, good value with a competitive price and a low cost of ownership.

And as you’ll see it’s an outstanding-looking machine. But let’s start with the trident’s new engine uniquely for this category.

Triumph Trident 660 Engine Specs

It’s a triple. Why? It is triple the best choice. Well, I believe it literally gives you the best engine characteristics and performance. It doesn’t run out of power at the top end as a twin can, nor do you have to rev it hard like a four to reach the usable power. 

Instead, a triple has the advantage of linear delivery right from low down in the rev range. And all the way to the red line giving the perfect balance of low down torque and exhilarating top-end power. Horse Power tops out at 81 ps at 10,250 RPM. The trident’s peak torque is 64-newton meters at 6250 RPM. The best part, though, is that 90 percent of that peak torque is available all the way from 3600 RPM to 9750 RPM. Giving you effortless acceleration in any gear.

The engine is, of course, fully euro 5 compliant for low emissions and excellent fuel economy. And can easily be adapted to meet BS6 regulations. 

The Triumph Trident 660, power delivery is managed by a sophisticated engine management system. And by wire throttle for a responsive feel. While the slick six-speed gearbox has gear ratios optimized for fun. And easy ride-ability. 


The 660 triple engine sounds great too, with a distinctive deep exhaust note. Delivered crisply through this compact and minimalistic underslung stainless steel silencer.

Triumph Trident 660 Design

This slick approach to design gives the new trident a unique. And a contemporary look from the elegant tank with its sculpted knee cutouts too. The lightweight and sporty five-spoke wheels and minimal clean rear end. With this swing arm mounted number plate hanger and indicators.

The new trident has a host of beautifully integrated design features. such as these contrasting painted radiator cowls and aluminum yokes and heel guards. The fork protectors are body-colored fitting. Neatly into the overall design scheme. It has premium tapered aluminum handlebars. A great addition is not usually found in this category of bike. 

And black finished mirrors designed to complement. The overall style of the bike, the aluminum trident name, the badge are inset into the fuel tank knee cutouts. And carries diamond machine detailing.

Triumph Trident Styling

There’s subtle triumph branding on 

  • the fuel filler cap, 
  • handlebar clamp, 
  • instruments, 
  • and in both the headlight and taillight

The trident benefits from full led lighting throughout for great visibility. Low maintenance and optimum lighting performance. As you can see, the compact rear light is contoured to match the shape of the tail unit. While the front is uniquely styled just for the trident. 

The LED indicators are self-canceling. And we can upgrade with even more minimal accessory fit scrolling led options.

Triumph Trident Colour Options

There are four striking color schemes available for the new trident.

  • The silver ice 
  • and diablo red

With its contemporary tank logo. Which also comes in a matte black and silver ice combination. and two sophisticated 

  • Single-tone crystal white 
  • and sapphire black schemes 


The overall poise and dynamic stance of the new trident 660 are unmistakable, and I can tell you. It handles well because it looks a bit like a triumph should. The new tridents an agile, sure-footed, and easy handling bike. With precise braking and sporty yet comfortable suspension.

It has premium shower upside-down front forks. And shows a preload-adjustable rear mono-shock for a controlled and comfortable ride. 


It has a light steering weight that inspires confidence. And with the Michelin Road 5 tires, it delivers excellent road holding in both wet and dry conditions. In fact, the trident has been designed to set a new benchmark for handling in this class. The 17-inch wheels are lightweight. 


Cast-aluminum adding to the bike’s exceptional agility braking performance is excellent too. Thanks to Nissan’s two-piston calipers and twin 310-millimeter front discs. And also, there’s a Nissan single-piston caliper on the rear. ABS and switchable traction control are standard. Adding to rider confidence and safety. 


The new trident is an extremely comfortable bike too. With rider and pillion ergonomics. Specifically developed to make it ideal for everyday riding and commuting. It has a low seat height of 805 millimeters. Plus, a very narrow profile giving a confident standover position. And making it easily accessible to riders of all heights.

The ratio between handlebars, seat, and footpegs is optimized for a relaxed yet sporty riding position suitable for everyday use. It has a span adjustable brake lever plus a slip and assists clutch for light action reducing rider fatigue. Especially in heavy traffic or the stop-start of a city. 

Triumph Trident 660 Features

When it comes to rider tech. The trident specifications are class-leading. This includes these brand new multi-functional instruments with TFT display. These cleverly styled instruments provide all rider information in a compact and uncluttered design. They’ve been designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with the accessory fit. my triumph connectivity system enabling 

  • Turn-by-turn navigation 
  • GoPro control
  • and phone and music interaction

All of these functions can be accessed via the switchgear. And are clearly displayed on the TFT screen for easy rider interaction while riding. As well as abs and switchable traction control. 

the category-leading rider electronics package includes two riding modes 

  • road 
  • and rain 

These adjust the throttle and traction control maps. For maximum rider control in all riding conditions. the ride by wire throttle control ensures a crisp and precise throttle response at all times.


The trident benefits from a class-leading 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometers service interval. Helping to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low.


There’s an extensive list of genuine triumph accessories available for the trident. Allowing you to tailor the bike to your own preferences. And subject to the same rigorous quality and testing processes. As well as a My Triumph Connectivity System mentioned. earlier options range from quick-release luggage to internally wired heated grips. And an under-seat USB charger. 

also, accessory fit frame and engine cover protectors. as well as a triumph shift, assist up and down quick shifter for your pillion. there are ergonomically designed grab handles that integrate neatly into the rear bodywork. plus for added security, there’s an accessory fit alarm and in Europe a tracker so there you have it.


The all-new Triumph Trident 660 inline triple-cylinders powered. Performance class-leading tech and spec class-leading handling. and all at an incredibly competitive price in essence pure fun guaranteed. Triumph Trident 660 price in India is going to be somewhere close to 7 or 7.5 lakhs.


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