Hyundai Venue 2021 Review

Hyundai Venue Overview

Hyundai Venue Engines Specs 

  • Engine:            998 – 1493 CC 
  • Emission Norm Compliance: BS-VI 
  • Mileage: 18.27 – 23.7 Kmpl 
  • Fuel Type: Diesel / petrol 
  • Transmission: manual / automatic 
  • Seating Capacity:
  • Length Width Height: 3995*1770*1605 
  • Boot Space: 350 litre

We headed off to a special venue to test drive the Hyundai Venue. We had two variants of the car, the 1.4-liter diesel with manual transmission. And the 1-liter turbo petrol with the DCT. Now the initial impression from behind the wheel of the venue is that this car is going to be really City friendly. you know

  • The steering is light 
  • It’s easy to maneuver 
  • The clutch is easy and light to use the gearbox functions 

Well, and has a positive feel to it. So, yeah, driving it in the city and nipping and tucking in and out of gaps is going to be very easy.

Parking is going to be really easy as well, with its compact dimensions. The 1.4-liter diesel engine is the same one we’ve seen in the Hyundai i-20, and it produces the same 90 HP and 220 Nm of torque. To put it into perspective is the same amount of power as the Brezza. More talk I’m here with the diesel with the manual transmission. 


To begin with, as far as performance goes, it is very, very linear. There is no sudden burst of power. There is a bit of turbo lag below the 1,800 RPM mark. And once you get past, that it gets a move on but after that. The power is between 1800 and 3500 RPM beyond. 3500 RPM It begins to taper off again. 

Now we did VBox the car, and the caveat is that this is not our regular test ground. But the 0 to 100 did come up in 15.48 seconds. Now that’s slower than all the competitors. And even in the gear figures were slower than the competition. The engine is really not the best as far as outright performance is concerned. But it will probably throw up some pretty good fuel economy figures. 

The ARAI certified figure given by Hyundai is 23.7 km/h for the diesel to get the best out of this engine. You have to be light-footed, be gentle, with the throttles, and it will give you its best even in a higher gear. If I slow down as long as I’m gentle with the throttle, it will pick up and get a move on again quite easily. But if you demand a sudden burst of power. It’s not so happy to reach the turbo lag is well masked. And only when you demand more power, it becomes noticeable.

 Petrol (1-liter)

  • Max Power 120 bhp @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torque 171.6 Nm @ 1500 rpm

Petrol (1.2-liter)

  • Max Power 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torque 114 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Diesel (1.5-liter)

  • Max Power 98.6 bhp @ 4000 rpm
  • Max Torque 240 Nm @ 1500 rpm


This is a car that would suit the relaxed driver. Who needs comfort and convenience with the bonus of the economy. For the rest, this engine is refined. It is only when you push it to its limits do you hear the characteristic. Rattle that you hear even in the i-20 talking of pushing the car. We did have a lot of open stretches of road with literally no one around. And some nice winding sections to test the handling.

Now the steering is light and easy and friendly for the city. Actually weighs up quite well when you are going quicker, and you do find the corners it has a nice heft to it. And it gives you a good amount of confidence. Yet, when you do go around the tighter corners, the body does tend to roll its very consistent steering.

And while earlier hewn dice would feel a little vague and light. At higher speeds in a straight line, there is none of that here. It does feel good while it does not have the fun-to-drive feel like an Ecosport. The grip is adequate that pretty much sums up the experience behind the wheel.

Hyundai Venue Interior

hyundai venue dashboard


Now, it is time to shift focus to the back seat. So what is important in the back seat space? Now space as far as legroom goes is tighter than the competition. But, it is a nice wide back seat so the third passenger will be comfortable. There is enough legroom for the third passenger, even though the central console does come a little bit into the rear. 

Of course, it houses the 

  • AC vents,
  • and the charging port.

Though the legroom is a bit tight, there is enough space to stretch. Your feet out under the seat so you can get comfortable. And although I am talking about it. It has less legroom than the competition. What I do have to say is to six-footers would fit one behind the other here comfortably. 

So, it is adequate the seats are very comfortable with a nice reclined angle, and the cushioning is good as well. The rear seat also gets an armrest the window line for someone as short as me is a bit high, but I am not feeling hemmed.

There is the sunroof in the top-end variant as well. The ride quality has a pliant edge, and they are never really any sharp intrusions into the cabin. You do not feel any bumps or potholes filtering through in a hard manner. But it is a bit jittery and, it lets you know what is happening under the tires, especially on uneven surfaces.

Hyundai Venue 1-liter turbo DCT petrol engine

property of

So, now it’s time to drive the all-new 1-liter turbo petrol engine, and this time with the auto gearbox. This is a nice little engine that does not feel like a 1 liter at all. It feels quite quick, actually. It’s not the kind of power that will pin you to your seat. But it’s more like a consistent delivery of power that begins from the get-go. And continues to build up effortlessly.

The test figures through vBox are 0-100 kph in 12.5 seconds. That is quicker than the 1.5-liter diesel engine in the Ecosport. With an automatic transmission, in-gear acceleration is also quick. And it’s an engine that will let you enjoy your time behind the wheel. The gearbox is quick to react. Slow down, put your foot down for more power. It is happy to downshift quite quickly. It works well.

It’s quite smooth between the gears doesn’t feel any jumps, even, you know, at low speed. When you suddenly put your foot down and don’t snap into here, it’s just a very smooth progression. You don’t feel the need for manual intervention. But putting it in manual. Let’s you enjoy the performance a bit more.

I’m using the manual mode. I find that this engine is quite happy to rev. It feels nice and strong. Well, I’m having quite a lot of fun with this engine, I quite like it. Now what you have to remember is that you don’t get the order with the top-end variant. You will have to go one lower than the top. Yes, that’s right, the 1-liter petrol with the DCT auto box comes only in the SX plus variant. 

Now, this misses out on a few features which are available with the top-spec SX(O). That is only available in the manual. You don’t get the 

  • Rear wiper and washer,
  • Side and curtain airbags,
  • Rear armrest,
  • and neither do you get the 60/40 rear seat split.

It’s Features List

For now, let us stop and take a look at what the venue offers inside. The Venue yeah, inside this car, that name still gets me every time. It is easy to fall into a good seating position. The seat hider is manual, but you have got good visibility. Nice big glass area – design is neat, clean, simple well laid out everything feels good quality over here. 

  • Lots of storage areas, 
  • There is a parcel shelf, 
  • and the glovebox area nice large glovebox
  • There is a shelf for your phone that is in the central part of the console. And it doubles up for wireless charging
  • Their cupholders this fancy gizmo,
  • An air purifier.

There is a storage box here that is a small little one. You can put 1-liter bottles into the door pockets. So practical on the inside comfortable to be in and, of course, it comes loaded with features. Let us take a look. 

Hyundai is betting big on the fact that Venue is India’s first connected carBlu-link, as its call has 33 features including,

  • Safety location-based services, 
  • Driver alerts voice commands, 
  • And remote assistance.

Apart from this, the Venue also has an extensive list of other features.

In the flesh, the Venue looks quite compact, and from, afar one might even mistake it for a hatchback. Probably because it is not a very tall car, still it has what it takes to take off the SUV box. and that is

  • a good amount of ground clearance 
  • a beefy front end with a flat bonnet 
  • and upright cabin on the side 

It is hard not to notice the naked wheel wells that stand out in the gap between the body and wheels. But apart from that, it is a sleek profile that tapers down to the rear. The tail of the car looks wide, and the boot is reasonably large for a car of its size. The 60/40 seats split also allows you to open up more space, now that brings us to one final thing to consider the price.


It is the first connected car in the country, It has quality interiors, It comes packed with features. that have a 

  • good-sized boot 
  • good ride comfort 
  • and it is easy to drive the car. 

It ticks off all the right boxes. And then, of course, there is the price that drives the deal home. If you ask, should I buy a Venue? I would say yes. 

property of

Hyundai Venue Latest Updates

Hyundai India has launched the Venue iMT at Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom). It is offered with the 120PS 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine and comes in two variants. The clutchless transmission utilizes a 6-speed gearbox. And takes care of the clutching duties. You can read about it in detail right here.

Hyundai has also introduced a new Sport trim. That comes with plenty of sporty cosmetic enhancements. Moreover, there’s a new top-spec S+ variant introduced in the 1.2-liter petrol variant. That is priced from Rs 8.32 lakh (ex-showroom).


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