Hyundai i20 First Look, Features, And Pricing

Hyundai i20 Overview

This is the all-new third-generation Hyundai i20. 

  • bigger,
  • sharper-looking,
  • more spacious on the inside and
  • filled with a host of class-leading features 

Let’s take a deep dive.

Exterior & Styling

Even at first glance, it’s clear this is an all-new third-generation Hyundai i20. Pushes the boundaries of design much further than the Audi like earlier on.

Upfront, the frameless grille looks extremely sporty. And forms the focus of the design the bonnet line curves down to meet it there are sharp cut headlights. And here is a bit of a chin spoiler too. The wedge-like detailing inside the grille stands out.

Even in black, Hyundai’s red turbo badge gets your attention. And lower down the chin is full of interesting cuts and creases. Even the fenders and the doors are heavily sculpted. The black cladding carries on all the way to the rear wheels.

Hyundai-i20 turbo

You have 170 mm of ground clearance, and this is the only car in its class to get a two-tone roof. And there’s an interesting chrome strip here with a kick-up to accentuate the tip forward stance.

Of course, you can’t forget this is a Hyundai i-20. There are two badges, one on the side. There is one here on the tail lamp. And one here on the cladding. The slimline c-pillar with its chrome and black cladding really does stand out as something very different and unique.

And it isn’t the unique bit plenty of interesting details around the rear. These Z-shaped LEDs make it look unique. They have connected the two tail lights with this chrome strip. And at the bottom here, you get a bit of a diffuser.

There’s surely no mistaking this car for anything else. What do you think of the new i20? Let us know in the comments below.

Interior Update

Now on to the interior and what’s sure to be a highlight. The back seat, with its extra width and longer wheelbase. This back seat is extremely spacious. It is also very comfortable. There is plenty of room for your legs nice support on this long seat. And the backrest is reclined beautifully. In fact, with this elbow rest here and nice visibility. It is difficult to believe you are sitting in just a hatchback.

Hyundai i20 interior

The seat is placed a bit low. And the door pockets at the rear are not too large. But there are a few interesting details. 

  • They scooped out the section here to give you plenty of headroom.
  • there are AC vents in the back here
  • you have a USB charger
  • a little tray to keep your phone 

And all in all, a lot of practicality. There are also plenty of places to store your stuff, and in the upfront, there’s a fairly large cool glove box. The door bins run the full length of the door, and there’s a cubby hole under the center console. There is even a pair of cup holders between the seats. Only the elbow box is a bit small.


It has a large 10.25-inch touchscreen with connected car tech. The digital instrument panel and this new steering wheel are from the Hyundai Creta. There is a lot in the new Hyundai i20. 

  • You also get wireless charging,
  • This air purifier, and loads of other techs.

Even these leatherette seats with side support are pretty sporty and comfortable. 

The one thing that stands out, however, is that the plastics look a bit shiny and hard. But that maybe because of the lighting condition. We are under, and lighter colored plastics would have helped make it more attractive too.

With its abundance of horizontal slats and floating center console, the i20 dash does stand out. There are anodized red flourishes on the vents, the steering wheel, the doors, even on the blower, and temperature controls. And that seven-speaker subwoofer equipped with the Bose sound system is a segment-first.

It also gets a 

  • large sunroof 
  • ambient lighting
  • and air purifier 
  • a rearview camera 

You can use it during regular driving.


And safety kit that includes 

  • Six airbags 
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Tire pressure monitoring 
  • And hill assist

Both again segment-first. The 311-liter boot is a bit small for this class. 


Hyundai i20 Engine Specs

It even comes with a raft of engine and gearbox options. Now the new Hyundai i20 comes with 120 horsepower on this gasoline direct injection version. You will get a dual-clutch gearbox with this engine and an iMT, no manual as yet. But this is the most fun version for sure.

You will get a 1.5 Liter CRDI diesel with 100 horsepower. And a 1.2 Liter Kappa petrol engine with 88 or 83 horsepower depending on which gearbox you choose. The diesel only gets a manual, and the 1.2 petrol uses a CVT automatic

The DCT equipped dual-clutch version, however, will be the fastest. Hyundai claims a 0 to 100 kph time of just 9.9 seconds. That should make it faster than the new torque converter equipped Volkswagen Polo automatic. 


First impressions of the new Hyundai i20 are very promising, attractive looking, spacious. On the inside well equipped and specified with a wide array of engines and gearboxes. It should be the all-rounder to beat, and here are the prices.

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2020 HYUNDAI i20 [ Ex-showroom, India ]



1.2P MT Magna Rs 6.80 lakh
1.2P MT Sportz Rs 7.60 lakh
1.2P CVT Sportz Rs 8.60 lakh
1.2P MT Asta Rs 8.70 lakh
1.2P MT Asta[0] Rs 9.20 lakh
1.2P CVT Asta Rs 9.70 lakh
1.0T-GDI IMT Sportz Rs 8.80 lakh
1.0T-GDI IMT Asta Rs 9.90 lakh
1.0T-GDI DCT Asta Rs 10.67 lakh
1.0T-GDI DCT Asta[0] Rs 11.18 lakh
1.50 MT Magna Rs 8.20 lakh
1.5D MT Sportz Rs 9.00 lakh
1.5D MT Asta[0] Rs 10.60 lakh

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