7 Different Types of Engines Used in Cars

Different types of engines are used in cars.

1. Inline engines.

Inline engines are the most common type of engines used in modern cars. In this type of engine, the cylinders are arranged in a line facing upwards. And are usually perpendicular to the car.

This type of engine is found in the vast majority of family hatchbacks and smaller cars. These engines are available in a wide variety of configurations. From a two-cylinder engine to a six-cylinder engine.

2. Straight engine.

A straight engine is basically the same as an inline engine. But the cylinders are positioned in parallel with the car from front to back as opposed to across the engine bay. This layout of the engine is mostly used in premium cars usually in rear-wheel-drive cars. These engines were present in a wide variety of configurations. From a four-cylinder to six cylinders.

3. V engine

The V type of engine got its name by viewing the engine from the front. The cylinders are arranged in a v-shape. Each bank of cylinders faces outwards and drives a common crankshaft at the base of the V. This stain is generally reserved for premium and performance cars. It is because due to a snail you could squeeze a higher displacement engine with more cylinders into smaller space. There is a wide variety of configurations of V engines from six cylinders to 12-cylinder engines.

4. Boxer Engine

Boxer engines are also known as flat or horizontally opposed changes. the cylinders are laid down on the side in two banks and point away from each other.

This type of engine help to keeps the center of gravity low usually to benefit the handling. These engines are known for their distinctive sound. And there are only two car companies that are currently using boxer engines in their range. They are Porsche and Subaru.

5. VO Engine

It was developed by the Volkswagen Group. it uses a similar principle 2v engines but the distance between two rows of the cylinder is narrow. So, it would be squeezed together in one engine block.

These engines are rarely used now and are only used in some of the VW scores.

6. W Engine

W engine is basically two VR engines, which are joined together at the base. performer W configuration these type of engines are only using ultra-luxury. and in the high-performance cars like in some Bentley models and Bugatti Veyron etc.

7. Rotary

engine rotary engines are also known as rankling engines. these type of engines has no distance but they have rotors instead. these engines are small compact and have a curved for long inner shape. its rotor turns in one direction only but it completes all four strokes of the water cycle.

these types of engines are limited by their inherent restrictions on breathing capacity. and also due to stricter emission norms as these engines are known to consume oil. Mazda is the only manufacturer that uses a rotary engine in its cars. some previous 7 models these engines have a substantial power-to-weight ratio. over the conventional engines.

Comment below which is your favorite type of engine and I will see you in the next article.

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