BMW R18 First Look


This phenomenal looking motorcycle you see here is the new BMW R18. It is a brand new motorcycle from BMW. Their first proper cruiser in decades and all new. They have gone new with everything. Starting with this enormous, gigantic engine, it’s a brand new boxer. It is 1800 CC, and it really is gigantic. 

Engine Spec

For example, the R1250 GS that really, big adventure bike just, 1250cc. This BMW R18 have 1802 cc the idea of it is slow revving insanely low-end torque driven performance. It is only 91 horsepower that really is not a lot.

When you look at the size of the engine, but there are 158-newton meters of torque available at a very low RPM. I haven’t had a chance to ride this particular bike. This bike is doing a tour of the country for testing.


We actually have this BMW R18 bike with us, and there are so many details for you to take a look at. So if you come in a little closer, I’m going to show you some of the really finer details. Uh, beautiful bejeweled detailing around this fuel tank cap. For example, amazing chrome uh everything there’s a lot of chrome on this motorcycle. 

And one really unique thing is that this bike uses shaft drive like the GS again. But this shaft drive linkage is exposed. So it’s literally an exposed sharpness linkage. You will see it rotating. I think it looks awesome. And I have my reservations of what happens when this finds the usual rubbish on Indian streets.

But beyond that, it is a long, low, very well detailed motorcycle. And if you look at the engine, the beauty of this is it’s just one monolithic unit. There is no wiring visible there is nothing it is just that one unit in there. And that is the essence of the design. The frame is built around it.


Uh, it is got these really fat forks upfront. I do have the key with me, and I’m not allowed to ride it. But I am allowed to start it up, and you should see how this goes. You have to sit on the bike for this. It is 345 kilos curb weight. But the advantage of these boxer engines is that they’re really placed down low. 

So the center of gravity is low, and it is easier to manage. In fact, even on the slippery surface, it was not too difficult to move this bike around. You have to be careful that it’s really long in both directions. And you cannot do the whole Indian cutting through traffic with that engine for sure. It has got a keyless start. And we started the bike, and there’s a massive rumble, it’s a brilliant sounding engine really, deep. I really like the sound of this motor. 

About BMW R18 Motorcycle

That’s what happens when you have a crankshaft that goes in that axis 1800cc. When it starts, the bike does a big jiggle. When it turns off for the first time, I have experienced the bike actually shakes a very, interesting sensation. 

It shouldn’t be too pronounced when you’re riding. But when you start it up when you flip the throttle. You’re gonna feel the whole bike through that, very, interesting sensation.

Now there is one cause of concern for this BMW R18. It is designed to go up against traditional cruisers from Harley-Davidson, Indian. And that cause of concern is that you cannot get your feet forward. Because these engine cylinders block the area. Cylinder heads stick out so much. Personally, I don’t, like the feet-forward riding position anyways. 

For India, our roads are too bumpy, and with your feet all the way forward, you can’t gaze yourself off the seat. And your back has to take the impact. With this, you can actually have a little more leverage. You see, a pothole slightly lift off the seat. It is easier on the back, and it’s less fatiguing. But those of you who want that traditional cruiser position you’ll be able to get a lot of options. Yet, you won’t be able to get too many footpegs. 

While I’m sitting on the bike, yes, it is really very heavy. But interestingly, BMW internationally gives you the option of an electrically assisted reverse gear. It will move the bike backward about two or three kph. This bike doesn’t have it, and as far as I understand, that will not be an option for Indian customers.

So if you are in my position and you need to move the bike around, you have to do it all on your own.

BMW R18 basic edition
This BMW R18 basic edition


So as gorgeous as this motorcycle already is, BMW wants to offer you a world of customization options. I hear the spec sheet. It is so huge in terms of accessories you could literally spend almost the value of the bike. In terms of their success.

We are talking about wheel sizes that go from 16 inches to 21 inches in the front you can change that around. You can change the handlebar, seats, put a pillion seat on, you can change the engine head covers, you can change the headlamps around.

The possibilities are almost limitless. And BMW wants to tell you. You know what, we will help you customize the bike. You don’t need to go to a custom builder for that. I think it’s a really very unique product, very beautifully styled. Some people are a little divided over the way how the exhaust design looks. But honestly, when you see it in person, it all gels up together beautifully. 

BMW R18 first edition
To this BMW R18 first edition


It is built beautifully there’s gonna be two additions. This is the first edition. You’ll see that written on the key, typical BMW key really, smart, and advanced looking thing. 

There are two additions to the first edition, and uh, the basic edition. There are basically just design changes. But the top model also does get some features. It’s got cornering headlamps. both bikes have basic electronics you’ve got 

  • Traction control,
  • ABS,
  • And three riding modes.

BMW is trying to do something different here. They are not calling it road, rain, sport. It is rain, rock, and roll, which is a little fun. But basically, they do the same thing.

Book Now or Should I Say Built One


So that is the BMW R18. It is, I think, the BMW I’m most intrigued to ride this year. I think we will get to ride it soon enough. But for now, that’s just a first look for you, and while I’m going to stop talking. And we want your opinion on this bike we want to know do you like it or not. 

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