BMW G 310 R And G 310 GS 2020 Update


Alright, we’re back at the BMW Motorrad showroom. This time to talk about two new motorcycles, the 2020 BMW G 310 R, and the 2020 BMW G 310 GS. these bikes have actually been out for years now. First shown off in 2015, international went on sale in 2016, launched in India in 2018. 

So they have been around for a while, and they do for an update, ideally a complete makeover. But that’s not been the case. Underneath the skin, trellis frames, the engine’s overall styling. It is all the same on both these motorcycles. But there is a big update their BS 6 compliant now. They have a few other changes. And we are going to walk through that. 


Let’s start with the G 310 R, the first thing you are going to notice is the new color scheme. It Really looks nicer. This one is called the spotty red. It has red rims as you can see clearly a red frame. I think it looks really nice, but it will cost you ₹10,000 extra. The G 310 GS has a rally scheme, first time seen on the 310’s it’s a name you usually see in the 1250s.

BMW G 310 R 2020

Book BMW G 310 R

Also, an optional color scheme of ₹6000 more expensive. And you can also get this bike with the 40 years of GS celebration black and yellow scheme looks very nice. 

BMW G 310 GS 2020 Rally Edition
BMW G 310 GS 2020 Rally Edition

The Engine Spec

OKay, Power fingers on both are the same. The engine is now BS 6 compliant. But still makes the same 34 horsepower, no changes there. And 28 Newton Meters of torque. What has changed, both bikes are now a little heavier I think the weight addition is about 5.5 kilograms over the old bike.


So, this BMW G 310 R now about 165 kilos. And this BMW G 310 GS about 175 Kilos. Both Gets 11 Liters of fuel tank capacity. The G 310 R seat height is 785mm. And the G 310 GS seat height is 835mm. the components that matter are the same 

  • Upside-down fork,
  • Mono-shock on both bikes,

This BMW G 310 GS has about 180mm of travel at both ends. This BMW G 310 R has 140mm at front and 131mm at the rear of travel. 


Among the many things in the brochure. What I was hoping to hear would be that the suspension has been tweaked, but there doesn’t seem to be mentioned. That is because, Suspension on the 310 GS, it is very soft, and you lose half of that travel the moment you sit on the bike. I can’t judge right now, but we would like to take it on the road and see if that has actually improved. 


Oh, and before I forget, both bikes now get slipper clutches. And the clutch lever, as well as the brake lever, are now adjustable. Now just as chassis components, suspension, brakes are all the same. So are the tires this gets, Metzeler Tourance with a 19-inch front wheel. And this continues with the Michelin pilot streets. Then reasonably good tires but then not fantastic. They do not really work that well on the edge. And lacks a little bit of wet performance. For daily use, they are nice. But again, it would be nicer to see the Michelin Road 5 tires from TVS RR 310.


Beyond that seating positions, ergonomic it’s all are the same. 

Changes on the Engine

Let’s take a look at what the bike sounds like, very similar to the old bike. But there are changes. It now gets a ride by wire throttle. So you are not going to see any cables coming out there, just wires. And BMW says in their press release that it has optimized transmission ratios. Now I don’t know if there’s any actual change there, but that is what it is.


Top speed is rated the same as before, about 143 KPH. And they’ve given us a zero to 50 times, which doesn’t really make sense to us. So we still need to gotten test these motorcycles. 


Now the big talking point here is that both are now more affordable. The BMW G 310 R ₹ 2.45 lacs. And The BMW G 310 GS ₹ 2.85 lacs. It is a big drop from the original prices, and it is now a little more affordable including, KTM 390 Duke. 

BMW G 310 GS 2020

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Instrument Cluster

But one thing that we really wish would have changed with this bike is the addition of a TFT dash. It is still an LCD from the old bag. It is an informative LCD. It gives you a fair amount of information. But it is not full color, and in this day and age, especially with the second titration wish, that was the case. 

What has improved is they both get a nice LED headlamp. It looks really sharp, it looks like the F 900 R. Good detailing, it’s gonna make the bike a lot more identifiable. How it performs? I can’t tell you but looks nice. 

Now one more thing we need to see when we ride the bikes is what the refinement is like. Because the old bikes were quite buzzy. TVS has improved that on the RR 310 in BS 6 edition with hope this might get the same thing. 


Unlike the RR 310, there are no riding modes here. So tedious is still giving you a little bit more because they’re giving you a 

  • full fairing by LED headlamps 
  • a nice TFT display 
  • and Riding modes 

But we still have to celebrity the factor that, pricing is now more reasonable. It is no longer pricing that makes you go off when you hear it. It is not phenomenal pricing, but it is going to get a lot more people into BMW showrooms. And riding out on these two bikes. We hope to ride these bikes as soon as we can. And you guys will get to hear about it.

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