Bajaj Pulsar N250 & F250 Overview, Design, Prices, Features

Overview Bajaj Pulsar N250 & F250

It’s not every day that a brand-new Pulsar goes on sale. The last time that happened was about 10 years ago. But the 28th of October is a special day for Bajaj 20 years ago Pulser brand started. There’s a brand new Pulsar 250. There are two of them the pulsar N250 and the pulsar F250.

Let’s start talking about this first when we say brand new pulsar because everything is new. The new chassis it’s a tubular steel frame, and a new engine 249 CC.

Pulsar N250 Design & Styling

Let’s talk about styling. It is quite familiar, but it’s also very fresh. 

Pulsar N250

You’ve got led projector lights on both bikes. The Pulsar N250 has running lights, two DRLs, and a projector in between; it is a different design from the Pulsar F250.

Both bikes get a very nice new instrument console bajaj calls it the infinity display because there are no visible bezels very neat. But also the old school, I mean we all cry for a lovely rev counter. An analog rev counter this bike has with a digital section.

There’s more information in the digital section you get a gear position indicator. You get fuel consumption and, of course, speed. It is nice to see new switchgear. The switchgear itself is relatively similar, but there are a few nice detailing touches. And Pulses started this years ago, and they continued now it is backlit switchgear.

The Pulsar N250 gets a one-piece handlebar because this is effectively a naked bike. It doesn’t get clip-on. The F250 does get a clip-on.

Pulsar N250 standing

Along the side, it’s more familiar to the NS200, with these extensions out. The handsome motorcycle looks like a fresh motorcycle but is immediately identifiable. Bajaj has used clever work cleverly made clever use of plastic paneling. It is not the frame you would get in the NS200; that’s a perimeter frame; this is a tubular steel frame.


In that frame is a mono-shock suspension. The mono-shock is a first on a standard pulse. So the NS’s has a mono-shock with the standard Pulser. It is the first time it gets it.

Over to the side, there’s a nicely designed exhaust. I like the look that it’s neat; it’s small; most of the emission stuff is hidden away from you. And this looks quite nice.

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You’ve got a double-sided rear hugger. I think they’ve taken lessons from the old NS’s. They should be more stable and stronger. It gets 110-section front tires and 130-section rear tires, which is the same as the NS enough grip, enough performance, and is not overly fat, which will compromise agility and fuel efficiency. It is an MRF Nylo grip zapper tire same as the f250. They’re good tires; they should be perfectly fine for this application.

Engine Specs

Now let’s talk about this: a brand new air-cooled two-valve engine 249 CC. so no fanciness, no liquid cooling, no four-valve head, no DOHC. It’s a SOHC engine with a five-speed gearbox. An advanced 250 cc, 4-stroke fuel-injected engine with an output of 18 kW (24.5 PS) and a peak torque of 21.5 Nm.

  • Engine: 250 cc, Single cylinder, 2 valve, Oil cooled, FI
  • Max Power: 18 kW (24.5 PS) @ 8750 rpm
  • Max Torque: 21.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Single-channel ABS with 300 mm front and 230 mm rear disc brakes

Now bajaj says they know that pulsar customer well. The pulsar customer wants a torque-driven experience. They don’t want a very high revving, high power performance, which the NS200 offers.

This bike will be all about the torque, and customers in the segments seem to like a five-speed transmission. So that’s what they’ve stuck with. we’ll have to see how it rides but for now


The brakes are fairly good on Pulsar N250 & F250. It looks like the Pulser brand but taking power to the next generation. Before I forget bigger brakes 300 mm disc, I’m not sure what this brake brand is; we’ll have to find out from bajaj.

Pulsar F250 Design & Styling

Bajaj Pulsar F250 Standing

The 250F is very similar on paper to that bike but obviously, the differences in the visuals. It’s sort of like an amalgamation of the adventure AS200. Suppose you remember that bike and the current pulsar 220f and 220. fans will be happy to see these mirrors.

The face has different running lights, sort of like an inverted Nike tick. But the actual headlamp unit is the same nice big windscreen. We’ll have to see how it runs out on the road should be good wind protection. We are riding this bike, full review on the 11th of November, so you’ll have to wait.

Beyond that, the rest of the bike is largely the same and looks like large spacious seats. Nicely designed in terms of the riding positions, there’s very little to distinguish between both bikes. Even though one has a clip-on and one has a handlebar. They’re both quite upright, slight sporty feel being slightly rear-set but nothing extreme. And they should be comfortable; the seat height is also at a very comfortable 795 mm.

Bajaj Pulsar F250


However, both these bikes are on the heavy side for the segment, with the Pulsar N250 weighing 162 kilos and the F250 weighing 164 kilos. We haven’t talked about the price bajaj has starting Prices at 1.38 lakhs for the Pulsar N250 and 1.40 lakhs for F250, which puts it slightly above the Yamaha FZ25. And about five to seven thousand rupees more than the pulsar 220. and for what all this bike has to offer on paper, I think that’s a very fair asking price. What it’s like on the road, you’re going to have to wait for a full review.

Bajaj Pulsar F250 & N250 Pricing
  • Engine: 250 cc, Single cylinder, 2 valve, Oil cooled, FI
  • Max Power: 18 kW (24.5 PS) @ 8750 rpm
  • Max Torque: 21.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Single-channel ABS with 300 mm front and 230 mm rear disc brakes

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