2022 Citroen C3 Revealed for India – First Look

Introduction Citroen C3

The new Citroen C3 is coming to India in 2022. And it’ll mark the french car makers’ entry to the mass segments. In this article, we’ll talk about the key details revealed so far.

Citroen C3 Design

The C3 is under 4 meters in length and has its crossover cues. But Citroen is not calling it a compact SUV. The French carmaker has described the model as a hatchback with a twist.

One part of the reason is that a more upright compact SUV is in the french car makers India product timeline and will follow the C3. 

Best categorized as a cross hatchback. The C3 does have the high bonnet look and elevated seating Indian buyers like. Also, the 180 mm of ground clearance is above the norm for hatchbacks.

Styling would be typical Citroen quirky and cool, even if the split headlamp setup with led DRLs on top. And the main headlight cluster lowerdown. The lights merge into chrome slats at the grill that slickly fuses into the Citroen logo.

There’s an interplay of different colors lower down on the bumper with the aluminum scuff plate. And orange fog lamp surrounds contrasting with the blacked-out air dam and cladding. There’ll also be a customization program for buyers to mix and match colors. In profile, the C3 looks compact and tight. And the creases above the wheel arches add some distinction too. 

Citroen C3 Side view

The contrast roof mirrors and cladding embellishment only help to this end. Cladding aside, the C3 also gets roof rails for that crossover look. Things that don’t work well are the outdated lift-type door handles and slim tires.

Citroen C3 rear view

The car pictured here features stylized wheel covers and not proper alloys. However, alloys will be part of the options list. The tail end is upright and is home to stylish wraparound tail lamps with light guides designed to replicate the look at the front DRLs. 

The chunky cladding extends to the rear bumper. And the scuff plate is in keeping with that crossover template. Curiously a rear viper is missing from the unveiled car. The final product might get the feature. Boot capacity stands at 315 liters.

Citroen C3 Interior

Citroen’s colorful theme continues on the inside as well. With a bright orange panel running the width of the dashboard. The dimpled effect on the panel is interesting, as are the complex-looking ac vents. A 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system featuring Android auto and apple car play takes center stage on the dash.

There are also nifty clamps to hold your smartphone beside the central and side ac vents in terms of space for smaller items. There are storage bays at the base of the dash bottle holders on each of the doors. And three USB ports, including two at the back, are also included. 

Images also reveal a chunky three-spoke steering and a digital instrument cluster. But on the flip side, manually adjusts for the mirrors, manual air-con controls, and single-piece front seats with integrated headrests. Also, tell you there costs have been saved.

Plastic quality is also something we’ll be able to ascertain only when we see the C3 in the metal. Built on a 2.54-meter long wheelbase. The C3, as Citroen puts it, will offer space at par with the best in the segment. Notably, the rear seat bench’s bolstering suggests it’s been designed for two occupants.

Also, while the C3 does provide rear headrests, they aren’t adjustable. Of the other things. There’s no rear center armrest, and a quirk visible in the pics is the position of the rear power window buttons that sit at the center console between the front seats.

Citroen C3 front view

Citroen C3 Engine and Gearboxes

The C3 will be offered in India with a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine. Expect power to be in the region of 90 horsepower. Before you ask, there won’t be any diesel engine on offer. Transmission options will include a 5-speed manual and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

While no other technical information has been revealed as yet, what’s known is that the c3 is based on group PSA’s CMP modular platform. That’ll also be the base of two more mass models from Citroen. Including the aforementioned compact SUV.

It’s also important to bring in that along with South America, India will be the lead market for the C3. the model will be manufactured at the Tiruvarur plant near Chennai. and impressively will start with over 90 localization levels. Citroen is expected to position the C3 quite aggressively in its segment.

Expected Price and Rivals

Coming to this segment. The C3 will rival models like the Tata Punch and Maruti Suzuki Ignis. And it’s safe to assume prices will be in the 5.5 to 8 lakh rupee bracket when the model goes on sale in the first half of 2022.

Worth mentioning is that in the run-up to the C3s launch Citroen will expand its dealer network in India, which is currently only limited to flagship stores in select cities. So that’s the basic info on the Citroen C3. What do you think of the model? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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